Religious Education

Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Education Program

           We are proud of Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Education Program and the role that it plays in developing the faith life of our youth. Our program strives to give our children the Christian values they will need to face the challenges in today’s society. The faith development of our youth is a team effort. It involves the pastor, religious education coordinators, catechists, Religious Education Committee and the family. We ask God’s blessings on all of us as we work together and support each other in this ministry.

            At all levels, there is a strong emphasis on scripture and prayer besides the basics of the Catholic tradition.  Music, films, videos and a variety of activities enhance the program texts.  Students’ learning abilities at each level are considered and a full curriculum is set up to ensure that student will cover a variety of topics over the years of their religious education.  Lessons emphasize a message about faith and teach children to apply that message to everyday life so that the religious teachings become a lived response to God in daily actions.

Please contact the Religious Education office for more information.

Angela Bieda

920-337-0443 ext. 124

Religious Education Coordinator for Grades 1-8

First Reconciliation and First Eucharist


Traci LaCrosse

920-337-0443 ext. 123

Coordinator of Grades 9-12

Confirmation and Youth Ministry


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