Welcome Letter



Warm Welcome to our OLOL Website, Dear  Brothers & Sisters!

They say: "Time flies when you're having fun!"  And so it has this first generation of our OLOL history!
            Since July 1st, 1996, when Bishop Robert Banks entrusted the pastoral care of our parish to St. Norbert Abbey & appointed Norbertine Father Conrad Kratz as our Founding Pastor, there has been so much growth, so many changes, challenges & invitations to grow - so many opportunities to be "together in the Lord". 
            Together we have welcomed "all" to be with us in the amazing adventure of human life, lived in the context of Jesus Christ
            - living like Him  - as humble, merciful, healing servants;
            -facing death like Him - serenely, with dignity, firm trust that God holds us safe, and full of expectation;
            - and rising with Him, to a fuller experience of life here in West De Pere than we could have imagined 20 years ago; and also, at the end, to a fuller experience of life than any one of us can imagine this side of Heaven!
            And just as Jesus welcomed all persons to this fullness of life, so from the beginning, it has been our Motto, our Mission & our Song:

"All are Welcome; all are needed, in this place"!

            At first, that meant parishioners of Saint Boniface welcoming those of 'New' Saint Joseph, and vice versa, and everyone welcoming anyone who came this way.  Twenty years into the journey, less than half the folks on our present roster were there at the beginning in 1996. But the 'welcome mat' is still out.
            The complexities of human nature, family life and modern culture, bring more and more persons to our door, struggling with difficult issues; they are here, sincerely seeking Jesus' "gentle and humble heart" (Matthew 11:29) and our compassion to help them bear their burdens.  Maybe you are one of them? To you, and to all of them, we must be open.
            And even more, Pope Francis challenges us to go beyond just the ‘open door’, the ‘welcome mat’; he tells us to go out - in compassion  & mercy - to the margins, the edges, & beyond to seek out the "lost sheep" (Luke 15:1) 
            Unless we can draw folks here - to our 'Main Event' - the Sunday Mass - and the Scripture, the Sacraments, and all the other activities and ministries which flow from the the Cross, the Empty Tomb & the Altar, how can the conversations with our struggling brothers and sisters bear fruit in their finding the Lord Jesus?
            "Who am I to judge?" Pope Francis asks. And so we have come to understand that judgment-free hospitality, welcome, continuing prayerful conversation will be the tools by which we discern God's Will and offer a Christ-like response to you, and all who come this way.
            Warm Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Family and to our website!
            And as we celebrate what God has done, & say: "Yes!" to all that God will do, and ask of us, for future generations,
right up to Heaven's Gate...we pray…


“God bless us…EVERY one”!