Congratulations on wishing to receive Baptism for your child!  We ask that parents bringing a child for baptism be registered members at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Family and show active participation in parish life.  If the parents live outside the area and would like to have their baby baptized here at Lourdes, it is suggested that they be registered members and participate in parish life at a parish in the area where the live.  All first time parents must complete baptism instruction here at Lourdes or the parish in the area they are living.  A letter or certificate from the parish stating they have completed the instruction will be required. 

One of the Godparents needs to be a practicing, confirmed Catholic and will be required to have the parish they belong to send a letter signed by the pastor stating that they are practicing members and are in good standing. The other Godparent must be baptized in a Christian Faith and be at least 16 years old.  Parent(s) who bring their second, third or whatever number child for baptism needs to talk with Deacon Bob, Deacon Mike or Father Jim before setting a baptism date. Catholic parent(s) and Godparents are required to sign a commitment form prior to the baptism.

Baptisms are held during any one of the three weekend Masses, or after the 4:30 PM Mass on Saturday, or after 10:15 AM Mass on Sunday. Baptisms can be scheduled by calling the Parish Office at (920) 336-4033.


For first-time parents, please call the Parish Office at (920) 336-4033 to set up a time to meet with Deacon Bob before scheduling your child's baptism. 


Anyone who has never been baptized and would like to become a member of the Catholic Faith will need to participate in the RCIA program (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults).  Please contact the Father Jim or Deacon Mike about admission to the Church.