Pastoral Council


     The Pastoral Council is a consultative body of the parish community for the definition of mission and goals, for setting priorities, for the determination of policies and for the implementation of parish programs.  The Council consists of selected members and two elected Trustees, as well as one representative from each of the following:  Worship, Christian Concerns, Welcoming and Activity Committees; and Finance Council.  Written reports from the School, Religious Education and Youth Ministry are submitted for review monthly.  The Pastor and Deacon are ex-officio members.  The Council meets every other month and parishioners are welcome at all meetings.

Pastoral Council Members


Arie DeWaal -- Chairperson



Ray Diederich - Trustee



 Joe Draves - Trustee



Lisa Draves



Ryan Jaecks



Pam Lennon



Sean McIlheran



Barbara Mott



Ed Oliveira



Donna Rich



Casey Schetter - Secretary



Craig Spierings - Vice Chairperson