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Small Church Communities

Small Church Communities 

Small Church Communities (SCCs) are small groups of parishioners, composed of 10 to 15 people. These small communities meet weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly to break open the Gospel reading for that week. The group spends time in community with each other and discusses the Gospel and how it pertains to their daily lives.  

There are several benefits of being a member of a SCC, one being building relationships with other parishioners. In a big parish like Lourdes, parishioners are sometimes strangers to one another. In SCCs, members grow to truly care for each other, like a family. Furthermore, people in SCCs learn to talk about their faith. Catholics, in general, are not good at sharing their faith, but in a SCC people learn to open themselves up to other people and talk about their relationship with Jesus Christ.  

OLOL will be piloting a SCC that will meet on Thursday evenings twice a month.  This pilot group will eventually lead to an abundance of SCCs in our parish.  Watch for groups to open later in the spring 2020! 

Fall and Lent Group, Tuesday Nights (OPEN)

We are a small group of people who meet 6 weeks in October/November and at Lent from 7:00-9:00 PM on Tuesday evenings. Presently we are meeting at the Parish Center. During Lent, we read and reflect on the scripture readings for the following weekend, and integrate them into our daily lives. In the fall, we work with a variety of Church topics like the encyclicals of Pope Francis. We also pray, and socialize and become a community of support for one another. We are allowed to simply be ourselves in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere - a place where we can renew ourselves spiritually. We are made up of a variety of people of different ages, diverse backgrounds and a variety of interests. We are men & women, single and married. Contact info: Ray & Karen Brown 920-336-4580 [email protected]